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Clean Power Estimator

At Anaheim Public Utilities, we are committed to supporting your efforts to install solar energy. Most often, the first steps are to understand how to size a solar energy system that will meet your needs, and then to estimate the potential cost of this system. To help you we offer the Clean Power Estimator.

The Clean Power Estimator allows you to select information about your energy bill and the solar energy system you might be considering. It then evaluates your selections, combines them with pre-collected data -- such as Anaheimís electric rate schedules; federal and state income tax rates; federal, state, and utility economic incentives; local weather data; electric load profiles; and solar energy system performance -- and calculates an estimated system cost, annual power production, payback and anticipated savings on your electric bill.

Please Note
The program includes potential economic incentives and tax benefits of purchasing a renewable energy system. You should confirm the availability of the economic incentives and you should consult your tax advisor about the tax deductibility of any interest payments before you purchase a system.

To Begin
Simply select your customer type (residential or commercial) and press Continue.

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